I am interested in developing collaborative documentation projects within the Araucanian sphere. 




1. Epew (in collaboration with linguist Sonia Vita Manquepi). Project in progress. A seven minutes narrative told by a Pehuenche woman at her home in Butalelbún, Alto Biobío, Chile. The speech has been video-recorded, transcribed into Mapudungun, and translated into Spanish and English in an ELAN format. It is expected to be culminated and sent for archive to the Biblioteca de Pueblos Originarios, Chile, during the course of the following months. 



2. The Pehuenche summerlands: documenting Chedungun in a seminomadic journey (funded by the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme). This project aims to document a varying set of communicative events surrounding a migratory journey of a Pehuenche family through the Andean valleys of Butalelbún, Alto Biobío, Chile. It is an approximation to Chedungun, a Mapudungun dialect spoken by approximately 5000 speakers along the Queuco valley. The central aim of the project is to capture Chedungun potential to express spatiotemporal relations and articulate, by these and other communicative means, the Pehuenche transitional lifestyle. Audio-video recordings will register both naturally occurring and elicited speech events, before, during and after the seasonal ascent to the 'veranadas' (Pehuenche's sacred summer grasslands).   


Pehuenche Summerland in Cochico

With the documenting team in the field: linguist Sonia Vita (right) and her sister Mónica (left)