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pablo fuentes      linguistics


I am linguist and fieldworker interested in meaning and the study of indigenous languages. I received my Ph.D from the University of Manchester. My main fields of study are formal semantics and pragmatics. My research focuses on the interaction of tense and modality, the semantics of the future and the expression of obligations and desires. A significant part of my current work is centred on Mapudungun, a Southamerican indigenous language of the Araucanian family.


I am also interested in language documentation. I am conducting a documentation project focused on Chedungun, the Mapudungun dialect spoken by the Pewenche people. The project is funded by the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (ELDP) and involves audio-visual recordings of an ascensional migratory journey to the Pewenche summerlands, around the Andean valley of Butalelbún, Chile. I am the main depositor of approximately 15 hours of audiovisual recordings in the Endangered Language Archive.  

I also hold a previous doctorate degree in Philosophy, which materialized in a thesis on Wittgenstein’s arguments on semantic normativity. Scroll up for links to publications, documentation and teaching experience in both fields.